08 October, 2020

Next series of Integrate Hub meetings: please join us

Our term time Wednesday morning meetings resume  on 14th Oct 2020 😊

These 90 min meetings bring together academics and practitioners focused on clean and renewable energy, and is very multidisciplinary.

The general format comprises 30 minute of open time in which anyone can raise an issue, discuss new developments, report findings, or highlight new things etc. This is followed by the main feature: a 60 min presentation on a subject related to renewable / clean energy aspects, during which everyone can ask questions and get to the heart of the matter.

It’s all online at the moment, using Zoom.  Please get in touch with Helen Gavin if you are interested in joining the meeting.

These are our upcoming main features – see the links below or the Events page for more info:

Date Speaker(s) Presentation
14 Oct Sivapriya Mothilal Bhagavathy, Hannah Budnitz, and Toon Meelen, University of Oxford Exploring Electric Vehicle Charging Preferences from a User’s Perspective
28 Oct Hannele Holttinen, Recognis Grid integration of Variable Generation – best practices from international experience
11 Nov Yunshu Li, International Renewable Energy Agency, Innovation and Technology Centre Renewables prospects in Southern and Eastern Africa
25 Nov Zsuzsa A. Mayer, EcoSync Energy Optimisation and Demand-Side Energy Management in a University Building
09 Dec Jens Madrian, NEOM Energy Building a stable, cost effective and 100% renewable based grid – the NEOM journey


Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash