Dr Jacob Barnes

Oxford Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jake is a researcher in the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) currently investigating future low carbon heat policy for the UK. His research combines ideas and approaches from innovation studies with policy and governance studies to investigate how progress towards low carbon energy systems and sustainability transitions more broadly can be achieved. His research interests focus on energy policy and the politics and sociology of innovation and change at community through to city-regional scales. He has worked with local governments, community groups and social enterprises to reflect, learn and pursue societal transformations.

Jake joined the ECI in March 2018 from the University of Exeter. Prior to this he was a Research Fellow within the Sussex Energy Group at SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit – at the University of Sussex, where he also completed his PhD. Jake is also a founding Director of Bristol Energy Network, a city-wide network for community-led approaches to the sustainable production and use of energy.