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04 October, 2019

Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Message to the Oxford Citizen’s Assembly: it’s realistic to be optimistic!

Professor Nick Eyre was a key speaker at the Oxford Citizen’s Assembly, on 29 September, giving an overview of energy issues.

Nick informed the citizens about energy: why it matters; the mix of our generation and how it is used.

He outlined what can be done to become more energy efficient, and the need to move to low and zero carbon generation sources, like renewables which are now the cheapest form of electricity.

In the discussions that followed, many questions were asked, with the citizens actively wanting to know more on subjects from solar v wind power, to how a heat pump works.

Ultimately, Nick says that, “it’s realistic to be optimistic”.  There are lots of positive steps that can be done, locally, nationally and globally.

You can access the information that Nick presented, and the video of the session.