23 October, 2020

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Fun at the online 2020 Carbon Brief Quiz!

A team from Integrate and other environment,  climate and energy projects in Oxford University entered the awesome Carbon Brief’s Annual Quiz, held online for the first time on 22 October 2020.

On the night, members of “Team Integrate” comprised Gavin Killip, Helen Gavin, James Dixon, James McMenamin, Karsten Haustein, Lisa Schipper, Lucy Erickson, Sarah Darby, Tedd Mose, Tina Fawcett, and Yangsiyu Lu.

Knowing that the Carbon Brief Quiz has a reputation for being very difficult, and we were newbies, the Team Goal was to come first, or otherwise not be last!  And we were very strict on just using our collective knowledge and brain cells: absolutely no cheating in our Team!

Having the Quiz online meant that many people could participate this year – about 700 – from around the world!  This meant that Carbon Brief Team had to change their original plans, which was to use Zoom break out rooms.   Instead, teams joined the Zoom meeting to hear and see the questions, communicated via a private bespoke channel, and submitted answers via an online form.

So, Team Integrate set up a WhatsApp group to communicate via text.  It was a bit odd to not be able to discuss answers, but given the very short amount time for each question round, it proved to be really helpful!

We are very pleased with our result: joint 29th out of 62 teams, with a score of 63 out of a possible 100.  We are in awe of the winners, and all teams who got nearly all the questions right!

Huge thanks to the Carbon Brief team for putting on the event: the adrenaline must have been pumping for you, more than it was for us!

Looking forward to the next time!


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