Integrate Hub Gathering, 3 Feb 2021: Achieving 24/7 power in complex governance contexts – a case study of Zahle in Lebanon

The multidisciplinary Integrate Hub Gatherings bring together researchers and practitioners in clean and renewable energy to hear about new developments, discuss relevant items and discover areas in which to collaborate.  The meeting is held fortnightly on Wednesdays in term-time, from 10:45 to 12:30.  It’s all online at the moment.

Please get in touch with Helen Gavin if you are interested in joining the meeting.


10:45 – Soft start and general chat

11:00  – The meeting begins with introductions, then open time in which anyone can raise an issue or discuss new developments, issues, news etc.

11:30  – The main feature with an invited speaker! This week we will hear from Neil McCulloch from The Policy Practice  and Ali Ahmad, a global Harvard Scholar, on:

“Achieving 24/7 power in complex governance contexts – a case study of Zahle in Lebanon”

In Lebanon, the electricity sector’s dysfunction and inefficiency mask deeper political economy challenges, including rampant rent-seeking, captured institutions and a fractured state. Over decades, corruption and mismanagement in Lebanon’s electricity sector has contributed to the draining of public finances and has deprived the Lebanese people of their right to reliable and affordable electricity.  Lebanon’s electricity performance is dismal. The state utility – Électricité du Liban (EDL) – covers only 63% of electricity demand, which results in rotating outages. These last longer as one moves away from Beirut’s central district, thus widening social and developmental inequalities.

Read more in the project report.

12:30 – End of meeting.



Photo by Christelle Hayek on Unsplash