Conference 2018

The Future of Electricity: Markets, regulation and development

The electricity sector is undergoing transformational change. Climate goals, new technologies, changing consumer demand, electrification of other vectors, and increased access mean that electricity systems of the future are likely to look quite different to today. They will probably be bigger, have higher capital costs, and incorporate more intermittent resources providing zero marginal cost generation. Today’s financing and market structures are no longer fit for purpose, and we need to work out more suitable mechanisms for stimulating investment and for sharing costs between users at different times.

This raises numerous questions which must be answered for an effective decarbonisation transition.

  • How will new technologies interact with existing market structures?
  • What will the future market and regulatory arrangements look like?
  • How will industrial users adapt to decarbonisation?
  • How will anticipated changes affect the developing world?
  • Will consumers respond to changing technologies and regulations in a sustainable manner?

“The future of electricity” conference will address these critical issues by bringing together key policy stakeholders and leading energy economics from around the world. Speakers include Frank Wolak (Stanford), Richard Green (Imperial), Andreas Loeschel (Uni. Muenster) and Catherine Wolfram (UC Berkeley), among others. Talks will be structured to offer in-depth insight into each topic, whilst also facilitating debate.

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